Türkiye Organ Nakli Kuruluşları Koordinasyon Derneği  
The idea of gathering the transplantation centers in our country under a single roof in order to realize a scientific and medical cooperation was brought to agenda at Turkish Society of Nephrology meeting in Urgup on 1992. Transplantation Centers Coordinators Association (TCCA) was established on 1994 by the participation of 41 founding members from 14 transplantation centers out of 16 in Turkey. TCCA made great efforts for developing the relation between centers from 1994 to 1996. By establishing kidney, liver, heart, immunology advisory committees, the association set the basis in procurement and distribution of organs. On the other hand contacts have been made with the Turkish Ministry of Health in order to set up a running system. The association announced the taken decisions to all its members by bulletins and tried to realize the organ transplant waiting lists and tissue standardization by preliminary works till 1996. One of the aims of TCCA was to increase the number of cadaveric organs and transmit those organs to the most suitable patient in compliance with medical criteria's. TCCA has set the basis of organ procurement and distribution by taking the Eurotransplant system as an example. TCCA started organ procurement and distribution actively on 1997. National waiting list has been prepared by the association and organ distribution has actively started between the centers. Between 1997 and 2001, totally 627 organs were taken out and 497 organs were distributed (286 kidney, 126 liver, 85 heart transplantations). By sending 46% of the kidneys, 36% of the livers and 55% of the hearts from the organs taken out to other centers, organ sharing and distribution were implemented. Ministry of Health incorporated the organ distribution system when the directive of "National organ and tissue transplantation coordination system” entered into force on 2001. TCCA was added "Turkey” to its name on 2008 and called as Turkish Transplantation Centers Coordinators Association (TTCCA). The association is still continuing its works with the participation of 55 transplantation centers.
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